Candle Cupboard

We have added Soy to our candle cupboard! Keeping with our commitment to Maine artisans, we have added a local candle maker to our group of talented crafters. Presenting Colley Hill Soy Candle Company. Great scent, great look and great value. Colley Hill hand pours each candle right here in Maine. Soy is biodegradable/soap and water soluble. Burns 30% longer than traditional paraffin candles and virtually soot free. Once gone, jars can be washed out and reused.

Ever wonder how you can get that wonderful scent that hits you when you first enter a gift/candle shop?  Now your home can have that same great scent. Look for our signature candle called Patchwork Plus and enjoy your own candle shop.


candle cupboard3

Looking for discontinued Yankee Candle? We still have a few current and discontinued jars, samplers and tarts.  Give us a call to see if your favorite is still in stock!  207-342-5016